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Farm Services

Garden Tilling

Let us till the garden this spring and get you ready for planting. Or if you missed the spring, call us to get that Fall Garden ready!

Lawn Care

While lawn care isn't our primary goal, we can help you with any regular lawn maintenance.   Contact us and we'll talk through what you need.

Bush Hogging

Do you have overgrown brush you need cleared?  We can help with bush hogging services.  Call or contact us for an estimate! 

Home Garden Consulting

Do  you want to start your own home garden and you aren't sure how.  We can help with that! Contact us and we'll help you choose the best location on your property and get you started towards farm fresh in your own yard!

Minor Earth Moving

We can't move a mountain, but we can help moving that pile or mulch or spreading that load of compost.   Contact us and we'll talk through  your project.  Maybe we can help! 

Chicken Starting

Do you want to start your own back yard flock?   We can help getting you started with 2 day old chicks at  home.  Or we can even start the chicks to 6 weeks of age.  That's when they get easy and fun!  Contact us to talk about the various breeds we start and options for your  flock.


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